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Consulting Case Competition

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The North West Biotech Initiative is delighted to welcome you to the 2023 edition of the NWBI Consulting Case Competition!

Competition Overview

During this three-day event we hope to bring together students and professionals from a range of multidisciplinary backgrounds to focus their efforts on analysing a fictitious consulting case.

The schedule consists of two workshops (virtual), team mentorship (virtual) and a competition day (in person) spread over three weeks in June. During these days, competitors will learn the necessary skills required to analyse a case, discuss the process of producing a consulting proposal, and finally pitch their findings to a panel of judges for the chance to win £600!

The Problem:

Daraga Inc. is a large fictional pharmaceutical company searching for advice on the acquisition of a range of biotechnology SMEs, as it looks to expand its portfolio. There are five potential biotech companies on offer. Could you help?

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Competition Format

Application and Prizes

Why get involved?

The healthcare industry is constantly presented with unique challenges, which are overcome by professionals who have competencies in commercial awareness, critical thinking and team work. This competition offers students a chance to develop skills in all of these areas.


In addition, there will be opportunities to network throughout the competition and you might just get the right contact for your next job in consulting or pharmaceutical industry! Below, you will find links to documents providing details about the competition format and how to apply.

If you are interested in consulting, this is your chance to hone your skills!

Competition Format

The Consulting Case Competition has five key dates:


Wednesday 31st May:

Application deadline

Monday 5th June:

Notification to the Finalists

Wednesday 7th June:

Week 1: Careers in consulting workshop

(5 - 8pm)

​Monday 12th June

Week 2 - Workshop session 

(5 - 8pm)


Friday 24th June:

Week 3 – Competition Day

(1- 5:30pm)

Application and Prizes

There will be 3 cash prizes distributed among the winners in the following way:




1st prize - £600

2nd prize - £300

3rd prize - £100


Before applying: check the eligibility, terms and conditions in the 'Guidelines' document linked below.


To apply: fill in the the 'Application Form'  and send it to by the 31st May

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