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who we are

A professional organisation led by dedicated and motivated individuals

The North-West Biotech Initiative (NWBI) provides a platform that encourages knowledge sharing and dialogue between young students, local and international businesses and industry experts. We promote the development of early stage researchers in the STEM fields by providing an inclusive space for fostering relationships between academia and the growing local biotech sector.


This provides students the power of choice; to choose a career path based on interest and passion and not due to a lack of skills or opportunities. Thus, students will be prepared to apply in-demand professional skills in any arena and sector they choose to pursue in life beyond their academic institutions.

why we do what we do

To provide a platform for students to interact with industry and help students kickstart their careers 

In October 2014, NWBI was formed with the initial aim of targeting PhD students looking to network and interact with other professionals in the biotech industry. Throughout the years, NWBI has developed strong partnerships and collaborations with key players in the local biotech landscape. We have held a number of events, competitions and panel discussions for students across disciplines and degree levels to gain new skills, join the conversation on controversial topics, and connect directly with local biotech employers.

NWBI has filled a gap on two university campuses thus far and galvanised interest from undergraduate, masters and PhD students, as well local professionals and academics. NWBI has since expanded its scope to reach students earlier in their educational trajectories - when their potential to acquire and build upon their long-term professional development is even greater. 

how we make a change

We help you get to where you want to be through a variety of inspiring and constructive events

We aim to use alternative teaching methods to deliver content through interactive workshops, events and competitions. We also have the capacity and expertise to design specifically tailored content and learner-engagement programmes to suit bespoke themes and audiences.


NWBI is already known among the postgraduate research community for inviting notable key speakers who are experts in their fields to give valuable insights and advice to students who are in the process of kickstarting their careers in prospective fields.

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