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Women in Science 2022

Woman in science 2022

On the 9th February 2022, NWBI hosted an online event celebrating some of the successes and contributions women have made towards developments in the world of STEM. We were joined by 3 guest speakers: 

  • Prof. Caroline Dive (Deputy Director of the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Manchester Institute)

  • Dr Jess Wade (Physicist at Imperial College London and advocate for women in physics)

  • Dr Hannah Roberts (Career Coach, helping women in STEM design their careers)


The questions directed at our speakers included topics surrounding their area of expertise as well as tips on how to sustain motivation and manage the ever-continuing battle of attaining the perfect ‘work life balance’.


The event was a huge success with 87 attendees with many of the talks praised for being very motivational and inspiring. In future, we hope to hold similar events and bring in some more great female STEM speakers!


‘Key takeaway. Don’t be too hard on myself’

‘Just lovely to hear it from all three speakers, all extremely relevant talkers and it was nice to not feel alone’



 For more detailed information about each of our speakers please see below:

Professor Caroline Dive 

With nearly 20 years’ experience working with CRUK, Prof. Caroline Dive and her team are currently focusing on lung cancer and researching the stages leading to treatment resistance. In addition to her work with CRUK, Prof. Dive works as a pharmacology professor at the University of Manchester and is the President of the European Association for Cancer Research.

© 2022 Professor Caroline Dive

Dr Jess Wade

Aside from her work investigating spin selective charge transport through chiral systems as a Research Fellow at Imperial College London, Dr Wade is involved with several science communication and outreach initiatives. She is committed to improving diversity in science and has written the Wikipedia biographies of women and people of colour scientists.

© 2022 Dr Jess Wade

Dr Hannah Roberts

Working as a renowned coach who aims to help clients from STEM backgrounds overcome limitations and design purposeful career directions, Dr Roberts has been able to build a client portfolio spanning six continents. As the founder of Breakthrough Talent & Skills Limited, she aims to provide coaching and training for individuals and organisations who are hoping to better themselves personally, professionally and from a leadership standpoint.

© 2022 Dr Hannah Roberts
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