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Sam Purkiss


Sam graduated from The University of Manchester in 2016 with a BSc in Biology incorporating various biotech and business units. The most notable of these formed his final year dissertation, which was part of the life science enterprise program (LSEP) and which he undertook with the intention of leaving himself the option of a career in Biotech.

During his MPhil in Evolutionary Biology, Sam has been looking at Genetic and Environmental Effects in Multi-Trophic Systems and gave a talk about his work this summer at the 2017 Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology.

During his undergraduate degree, Sam was the Chairman of the university American football team for 3 years, and joined the university’s prestigious XXI Club, an exclusive alumni club formed in 1932 with the purpose of promoting sporting excellence at the University.

Outside of his academic work, Sam has also taken internships with various companies in the financial services sector of the City of London.

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