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Are you enrolled in a scientific, business or communications-related major?

Curious about how academia, research and the industry are interconnected?

Eager to develop and grow skills revolving around teamwork, event creation and management, leadership and creativity?

Then you are in the PERFECT place!

Read on and drop us an email or a message on Facebook to discuss the roles in more depth and find the perfect role for you! Previous experience is a plus but not required. Your dedication is enough!


Here is a quick summary of the roles we are recruiting for, as well as the corresponding skills that you might possess (or not) which would make you the perfect fit for each position. Please do keep in mind that everyone learns and grows, therefore not possessing these features does not mean you should not apply!


Backbone of the team - plans strategy and timeline/events of the year to be presented to the team, makes sure every point and issue or gap is addressed during meetings, and ensures everything runs smoothly. Will review communications/articles and social media posts before they are published. Assists finance lead in sponsors search.

  • Leadership

  • Pressure management

  • Flexible thinking

Finance lead

Takes care of the funding, sponsors, spending of the team for the events. Also involves negotiating and defending our projects for potential funding opportunities.

  • Thoroughness

  • Consistency

  • Pitching skills

Operations (co) lead

Plans meetings and events time and locations, ensuring the best fit for everyone. Vital role as the operations lead deals with adminisitrative and logistics needs (badges, catering...) around the events which are a must for the events to run smoothly. Takes notes during meetings for the minutes with everyone's tasks and issues to be tackled/resolved before next meeting to be sent to team members.

  • Organisation

  • Initiative

  • Consistency

Communication Lead/officer

The communications team takes care of the blog, the newsletters, posters and flyers content, but also getting in touch with potential guests for events (although that one depends on everyone's contacts, so if someone knows a potential guest they will usually contact them themselves).

  • Scientific writing

  • Creativity

  • First blog experience (optional)

Public relations lead

Forwards communication to mailing lists FBMH and runs social media (LinkedIn and Facebook), takes care of the posters/flyers and newsletters design.

  • Marketing spirit

  • Creativity

  • Dynamic spirit

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