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So you think you can pitch? Consulting Case Competition pre-event, May 22nd 2018

Thinking of participating to the CCC? Still debating? Or simply eager to have answers to questions keeping you up all night such as:

How does consultancy work?

What is the approach in solving problems in healthcare and the life sciences industry?

What is pitching? How to master it? Can you take over the world with it? If not, the competition maybe? (You will find out soon enough that neither of these two is totally unrealistic).

Well, so are we!

And that is why the NWBI is hosting a pre-event/workshop just for you, so you can form an opinion and learn exciting things about consulting and the art of pitching and/or gear you up for the competition!

Here is what to look forward to:

Introduction to consulting

followed by

The art of pitching: master the famous "elevator pitch"

Presented by Martin Henery, Ph.D and Social Enterprise Champion from the University of Manchester.

Fun fact: if you statistically estimate the time you spend in an elevator and align it with the time most businessmen and investors can afford to listen to your project without an appointment, you will find they match perfectly. We did the maths for you: three minutes. And where are you most likely to have a casual chat opportunity with them in the workplace? You guessed it. An elevator. Three minutes can be life-changing and need to be used effectively. So join us to learn all about the art of pitching, how to structure your pitch and make a long-lasting impression that could make all the difference!

Tuesday 22nd May 2018


Samuel Alexander Building, room A7

University of Manchester M13 9PP

Register HERE

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