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Join NBI This Academic Year

NBI is looking for a new team to take over and advance the organisation's mission this year. We are looking to grow by handing the organisation over to the next generation of exceptional leaders with a genuine interest in creating opportunities for dialogue and entrepreneurial engagement in the local community. Please see below for short descriptions of each role and instructions on how to apply.

What are the Benefits?

  • Meet like-minded people

  • Be part of a highly motivated team of leaders

  • Organise events that have an impact on the local biotech landscape

  • Build a sense of community between like-minded students, academics and local professionals

  • Spearhead an effort to foster a culture of entrepreneurship among student researchers from all disciplines

  • Create and solidify a local professional network across academia and industry

  • The possibilities are endless!

Executive Committee Roles

Co-Chairs *May apply as a pair or an individual

We are looking for TWO PhD students* (preferably in their first or second year) with previous leadership experience and an interest in scientific research and/or business engagement within the biotech sector. Accepted applicants must commit to fulfilling this role for the full academic year (Autumn 2016 – Summer 2017).

Finance Lead (Treasurer)

One person is needed to manage the financial oversight of all NBI activities. Someone who is keen to initiate partnerships with local biotech sponsors and able to balance a budget would be ideal for this role.

Operations Lead (Secretary)

We are looking for a very organised and detail-oriented individual to serve as NBI secretary. This is a crucial executive role that will ensure the smooth execution and archiving of all NBI activities.

Events Lead

Are you full of ideas for events or activities that could bring students, professionals and academics together? This is a great opportunity to join a team that will help you bring your novel networking and public engagement event ideas to life.

Communications Lead

If you’re interested in scientific writing, but want to publish content that will engage a more diverse audience, then please join the team. This is an opportunity to create a portfolio of online content that engages the public in biotech and entrepreneurship. Creative scientific writers wanted!

Outreach and Marketing Team

We are looking for TWO creative and enthusiastic minds who are interested in public relations and marketing to join the team. If you are interested in designing and executing advertising campaigns on social media and at university campuses across northern England, then this is the role for you. Photoshop skills are a plus!

Non-Executive Committee Roles

General Committee Member

NBI is happy to accommodate any members of the community who want to take part in the planning and execution of our events, but can’t commit to an executive role for a full academic year. General committee members are more than welcome to drop into Executive Committee meetings and offer feedback, ideas or volunteer to help organise a particular event. Everyone is welcome to join, so there's no need to apply. Just get in contact with us!

How to Apply for an Executive Role

Step 1: Choose the role(s) that you’re most interested in.

Step 2: Contact and inquire about a full description of the duties and responsibilities for the role(s).

Step 3: Reply to any further email correspondence (after you’ve received answers to any questions) with your CV and a short description about why you’re the best fit for one specific role (i.e., your first choice).


Friday 21st October: deadline for all Executive Committee role applications

Sunday 23rd October: short-listed applicants notified via email regarding scheduling an in-person interview for the specified role

Monday 31st October : final Executive Committee members are chosen and notified via email

***Please note that although postgraduate students are particularly encouraged to apply, all roles except Chair/Co-Chair are open to highly motivated undergraduates.


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