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Medical writing event coming your way!

Are you interested in science but uncertain about a lifetime of academia?

Do you like Promoting scientific knowledge and discoveries whilst also engaging non-scientific audiences?

Then the NBI has the perfect occasion for you!

We are kicking off 2018 with an exciting opportunity for you to discover more about this exciting multidisciplinary field that intersects both science and journalism. It is the perfect balance if you are passionate about medical research and sharing your knowledge with those within and outside your field.

Working independently or with a full-time position, home or office-based, medical writers have access to a broad scope of scientific fields and are crucial in order to reach out to a diverse audience. Their work benefits scientific journals and pharmaceutical companies, and ranges from writing and advising on regulatory documents to abstracts for scientific papers, protocols and clinical studies reports. Additionally, their responsibilities can include activities such as scientific strategic counselling and supporting new business development activities.

Our guest speakers will share their insight on what makes a quality medical writer and the skills you should be honing to achieve this.

On the day you will hear from:

  • Dr. Russell Craddock: Associate Medical Writer for Ashfield Healthcare, Manchester

  • Emily Fisher: Medical Writer for Ashfield Healthcare, Manchester

  • Dr. Cristina Teles: Scientific team Leader for Complete Medical Communications, Macclesfield

  • Dr. Tim Ellison: Medical Writer for Oxford Pharmagenesis

  • Dr. Kelly Soady, Senior Medical Writer for Oxford Pharmagenesis

And because nothing compares to a one-on-one chat, a networking session will follow so join us for a drink and ask all the questions you want!

Save the date!

Wednesday 28th February

Michael smith building

3-5pm in the seminar room

5-6pm in the lounge

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